RealMe is here

Your igovt logon has become your RealMe login. Your current login still works the same way - logging in just looks different.

RealMe® is just as secure as the igovt logon service and continues to protect your privacy. In time, it will also let you do more online, like being able to prove who you are online, without needing to visit a branch or office every time.

To find out more about the RealMe service, visit the RealMe website.


If you are already registered to use a NZ Transport Agency online service, select the 'Login' button to proceed.


If your organisation has not previously used our online services, select the 'Request access' button to register your organisation. This registration must be carried out by the person in your organisation delegated to be the administrator for the NZ Transport Agency online services.


Select the 'Exit' button to go to the NZ Transport Agency website.